Enterprise Media Library

Create a central knowledge repository for your workforce, partners & customers to disseminate vast and rich content, based on a user group. Facilitate users to review and pass feedback with discussion threads on those published assets. The users can share documents, audio & video files in a private or public group and play them seamlessly with an in-built enterprise media player supporting multiple file formats.

Media Library

Live Webinar & Annotations With an Online White Board

Make your online sessions completely real. Share your documents & conduct discussions with online collaborative whiteboards. Kangle lets you annotate, mark-up and type your comments, which can be saved further for future reference.

Secure Enterprise Mobile Messaging

Get the power of a secluded & secured messenger communication, specific for your Enterprise. Kangle delivers enterprise mobile messaging with user flexibility and at the same time a complete enterprise governance & monitoring, that takes care of critical data sharing. Create multiple private or public groups, manage employee access & tailor custom-mobile alerts.


Video Evaluation & Knowledge Reciprocation

The users can share documents, audio & video files, stream podcasts & webcasts in a private or public group. Play them seamlessly with an in-built enterprise media player supporting multiple file formats, eliminating the need to download any training content. Schedule online video evaluations & knowledge reciprocation sessions to understand the effectiveness of your training.

Instant Alerts & Notifications

Your entire resource pool, including multiple systems should have a junction point of communication. Get the central hub that connects all your independent systems for instant alerts. Notify relevant groups with important alerts for an invoice, payment or a procurement need.


Metrics & Dashboards

Analyse the usage of content and devise the right content management strategy for your customers. Get real-time feedback on the published content from the users in a collaborative network. Enhance your content and position the brand in alignment with the market trends and needs.